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Martial arts of Akhanda Bharat or undivided India including Sri Lanka are our pan-Hindu heritage – a crucial system of Hindu armed resistance to invaders. When practising weapons is practised as a Guru-Shishya parampara, with rules and restrictions, with updating and evolution of styles, it is a martial art.


A lot of internet information focuses on just a few styles. A lot of such internet websites  fail to underline the Hindu nationalistic basis of these martial arts, or show their similarities in origins and tenets. All that has been attempted in this blog. So while the style is informative and slightly encyclopedic, it serves to provide a ready compendium on Indian martial arts.

In this blog, as stated, we s...


Hindu armed resistance and Hindu resilience to invaders: inbuilt systems in Dharma

Hindu society has systems of armed resistance and resilience to invaders, inbuilt by Dharma, which overthrew many an invasion or long-standing occupation… There has also been eventual recovery of identity, independence and sovereignty. This endeavour is to identify these Dharmik systems, recognise threats to the continuity of these systems of resistance and discuss methods to uphold, practise and utilize them for India’s present crisis, to help Hindus recover from colonisation, exploitation and proselytising forces. In a series of three blogs, in this first blog, we shall be mainly covering the Hindu Akhada.


The three-part blog series…

Part One: Hindu reverence for weapons; inbuilt Dharmik systems of resilien...