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Forgotten Bos indicus from Baluchistan and Iran

Baluchistan, Eastern Iran, Pakhtunistan and Pak-occupied Jammu-Kashmir:

ViSmrut GoVansh, ViSmrut Nadiyaan, ViSmrut Pradesh:

The forgotten GouMaata breeds, rivers and territories of Undivided India’s West

The words ‘INDICUS’ (in Bos indicus) and ‘INDIA’ respectively refer to Indian Zebu cattle and to historic undivided Hindu India (Akhand Bharatvarsha). India – to upright Hindus – includes not just what is India as of post-1947, but also what is Afghanistan, Baluchistan and Pakistan, regions pending fulfilment of the Akhanda Bharat pledge: of re-conquest by India of whatever all was lost after separatisms, Islamic conversions and partitions gradually over the last 1300 years.

The Desi (Zebu) Cow with the hump as a distinct species of cattle – Bos indicus or the Indian  cattle – is...