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Hindu warrior overview: Dedicated Hindu warriors from Kshatriya or other jaatis faced invasions on behalf of all Hindu society as an inbuilt defence system in a Dharmik framework. We had studied some other inbuilt systems of Dharma that lent defence to Hindu society in the event of invasions in previous blogs…. systems like, (i) the deep ingraining of fitness and exercise among Hindu male youth through Vyayamshala Akhadas, with Dharmik exercise forms like Soorya Namaskar before images of Hanuman or Balabhadra… (ii) the worship of equipment and weapons by invoking Devi Maa, Vishwakarma or Hanuman…...


Colonial Hindooism, Classical Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) and mid-way Hinduism

Colonial Hinduism: The ‘Hindoos’

The image of Hinduism today, as presented to the world through the Western lenses, is an academic and missionary manufactured image, an image of caste-based apartheid after the Aryan Invasion Theory, an indescribable mass of disjoint superstitious practices defying labelling. Same is the case of the image of India: a land of snakes and snake charmers, of fevers and black magic, etc.

Hindu leaders felt not just politically but also  ideologically compelled to present a distorted version of Hinduism to please their Abrahamic masters; the real Hinduism is neither the caste-apartheid nor the export-variety Hinduism of the post-1800 period...