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Gau Kaarya and benefits to India: Introduction, Economic benefits

Introduction: GoKaarya / GauKaarya / GouKaarya would be the net summation of all steps related to saving cows: from saving cows to saving breeds and saving society. Economic benefits, political gains and agroecological betterment are all accrued from GoKaarya. This article discusses the economic benefits of GoKaarya.

GoKaarya may have started with GoRakshaks halting trucks carrying cattle for slaughter and rescuing the cattle from Muslims or by accepting an old or neglected cow abandoned by Hindus, but it must progress to GauSamVardhan (restoration of cattle breeds of Bos indicus) to eventually, an inside-out change of mental thought processes and lifestyle of Indian society brought about by incorporating the presence of cattle into all aspects of life – health and food, farming and ecolo...