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AgroEcology and Sanatan Dharma

 AgroEcology and Sanatan Dharma


Mother Nature, Mother Earth is at the heart of AgroEcology: all ocean, land and river life; our atmosphere; forests, plains, grasslands and mountains; wastelands and deserts; farming lands and human co-existence with animals and plants. For all of these to function in interdependence, we need harmony and equilibrium. Hindu AgroEcology in India follows Sanatan Dharma.

Towards the Sacred Feminine: Outgrowing Abrahamic-Biblical conditioning, also going beyond a merely scientific view

Indeed, the very concept of Feminine Divinity, with Nature, or the Earth, being a Mother Goddess, is Hindu. It is also pagan / polytheist, surviving violent rebellious rejection by Abrahamism -Abrahamism rejected both: ‘Divinity in the Feminine’ and ‘Divinity in Nature’...