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Hindu armed resistance and Hindu resilience to invaders: inbuilt systems in Dharma

Hindu society has systems of armed resistance and resilience to invaders, inbuilt by Dharma, which overthrew many an invasion or long-standing occupation… There has also been eventual recovery of identity, independence and sovereignty. This endeavour is to identify these Dharmik systems, recognise threats to the continuity of these systems of resistance and discuss methods to uphold, practise and utilize them for India’s present crisis, to help Hindus recover from colonisation, exploitation and proselytising forces. In a series of three blogs, in this first blog, we shall be mainly covering the Hindu Akhada.

The three-part blog series…

Part One: Hindu reverence for weapons; inbuilt Dharmik systems of resilien...


Christian Bharat Natyam, Christian Kaththak: Poisonous inculturation

Reporting Christian inculturation of sacred Hindu dance forms Bharat Natyam and Kaththak


Classical Dance in Classical Hindu Dharma

Classical Hinduism is the pre-1800s’ Sanatan Hindu Dharma with all its Darshans but without colonial zeitgeist and Semiticisation or Abrahamisation to look acceptable to Westerners and Middle-Eastern religion followers. Classical Sanatan Hindu Dharma believes Indian dances have roots in Dharma, and orthodox Hindus frown at their commercialisation in films. Let us see the beliefs of the typical Hindu who would not want his / her own Dharmic tenets mixed with entertainment (leave alone eaten away by missionary inculturation):

  1. Music and art are unattainable without the blessings of Saraswati and Ganesh, and require single-minded hard work (sadhan...

Earth Democracy

We need a new paradigm to respond to the fragmentation caused by various forms of fundamentalism. We need a new movement, which allows us to move from the dominant and pervasive culture of violence, destruction and death to a culture of non-violence, creative peace and life. That is why in India, Navdanya started the Earth democracy movement, which provides an alternative worldview in which humans are embedded in the Earth Family, we are connected to each other through love, compassion, not hatred and violence and ecological responsibility and economic justice replaces greed, consumerism and competition as objectives of human life.