Without police protection assured in HinduMuslim riots due to Secularist Indian politics, Hindus must prepare for self-defence.


This blog writer, vide articles like this, does not advocate communal violence for pre-emptive wanton reasons, like instigating riots and harming life, limb, reputation and property, which should be prevented by good governance; where riots that have begun must be prevented from spreading with speedy justice to the first victims and fair administration and justice in the overall approach. Savarkar had himself said, after independence, that we have to use the ballot instead of the bullet.

Regarding how the Indian State and society must deal with communal inflagrations, this blog’s writer endorses what Dr. Koenraad Elst has succinctly put in words: The most immediate need is that, all people guilty of communal violence in any of its stages be brought to book without exception. If riot-mongers do land in jail, they may not start again, and it may deter their colleagues. Also, riot investigation reports should be taken serious, instead of ending in a drawer. On the basis of real impartisan investigation (instead of these partisan fact-finding missions with their all too convenient conclusions) and court proceedings, fingers must also be pointed at the culprits behind the scene. The cloud around the communal identity of both killers and victims should go. Now, everyone thinks his community has suffered worst. There are even Muslims who believe that riots are mostly started by Hindus, and Muslim communalists actually stage dharnas to protest the communal violence which they themselves have fomented, without feeling ridiculous. At any rate, the truth must be told, the causes of the riots diagnosed without secretiveness, and the culprits should bear the consequences through judicial prosecution.” (From: http://koenraadelst.bharatvani.org/books/ayodhya/ch11.htm  paragraph 11.4 Muslims and the police of the book by Voice of India: ‘Ayodhya And After – Issues Before Hindu Society’)

Having said this, the blog writer does uphold the right of self-protection of any individual and any community, including the right of self-preservation of his own Hindu community whose genocide goes unrecognized both in India and abroad at fora like the UN…

The blog writer does believe that every attacked individual, community, society and nation – including from his own Hindu community and nation – facing violent physical and / or subtle cultural, economic or political aggression and being threatened of being subsumed, taken over, converted, enslaved, colonized, raped or plundered especially with historical precedents unabated since centuries, is endowed with a fundamental and perfectly natural right (seen in all life forms from birth and which is  an instinct and part of human behaviour), of:

  1. Self-preservation (including cultural identity preservation, self-esteem and control over resources and continued hold over historic sovereign territory);
  2. Self-defence in the face of aggression (and all means for countering that aggression, from judicial and parliamentary means to physical offence as a means of self-defence when no government or establishment help is available);
  3. Fellow feeling from other members of the congregate: An ethnic identity with common roots and common enemies / threats may be spread over space, and one part of that total space or one sub-community of the total community may have more malevolent attacks from that common enemy; then other sections of the common group have a natural right to help their beleaguered members out of fellow-feel. Especially since the enemy has been attacking doggedly over centuries. After all, while lions come to the aid of one’s pride members against another pride, so do even dogs.

The blog writer of this article – Dr. Aditya Dhopatkar – states that no part of this article, whose narrative is about the need of defence of Hindus in Hindu-Muslim riots, may be selectively and incompletely quoted out of context, with pervert intentions, to draw inferences of meaning to inciting violence (and therefore contrary to the intent of the article), where any such sharing of views would be treated as anti-Hindu mischief liable to suits of defamation; the references given from other websites and links are therefore liabilities of the original sources; that the blog writer would like to continue to repose faith in his own country’s fellow citizens, law enforcement agencies and Constitution, despite the loss of territory and lives Hindus have faced even after Independence, and have hope rather than despair, where the onus of protecting the ancient Hindu community is ultimately the Government’s; that any expression of opinion is legitimate and pro-national.


Well, evil exists in all humans and societies potentially and at least theoretically – Hindu people included. But cultural and faith-related conditioning must suppress carnal or evil desires and allow humane, free and creative, aadhyaatmik and social expression, but without cutting down on employment of necessary resistance to violence.

Muslims too are people, born innocent babies like any other human infant; so what makes Muslims terrorists, rioting-prone and heartless? It is the mental conditioning of Islam – inculcated through its compulsory Jumma Jamaats, Ijtemas and numerous other instruments that transform the innocent child into a Jihad Believer and make him or her prone to following violence as a virtuous pious path in the way of Allah.

Yet, when Muslim humans indulged in violence, or when their brains were being infected, why wasn’t their own human conscience quickened? Thus, after violence between Muslims and non-Muslims, the initial battle may be with the rioters (both sides need to be dealt with by law after identifying the poor initial victims).

But eventually, the real battle is with the philosophy itself that transformed innocents into violent killers and terrorists with the stamp of divine recommendation of violence, by institutionalizing violence in a particular direction (Muslims attacking non-Muslims) as sacred and pious religious duty. So the final buck stops with the doctrine, in the theology and scripture; this scripture must be discussed threadbare and the laity who accepted the doctrine and belief in supernatural commands of such verses should be encouraged to outgrow such commands. Else, the pattern of behaviour that created violent terrorists will continue as inspiration for more violence, even when the initial perpetrators of violence were removed.

When what is universally considered evil, gets institutionalized, and gets a stamp of not just approval but sanctioned religious duty, it is dangerous.
As an example, forcing sex onto a captured woman is rape; society bans it as evil, as a punishable crime; but in Islamic law, there is a different view: here is a quote from a Christian website about how raping or fondling a captured woman (women ‘those whom your right hands possess’) is alright in specified situations: https://www.muslimhope.com/RightHand.htm . (Christianity has been studying Islam and drawing comparisons between the Bible and the Quran.)
Thus, what was wrong to the collective human psyche is alright in Islamic practice if the fondled or enslaved or molested woman is a slave or a Kafir woman and if the abuser is a Muslim!
This paragraph gives links to internet websites that elaborate the theological basis of Jihad and its small-scale version, rioting.  Everything from Jihad bil Saif (Jihad by weapons like the sword) and Jihad bil Aatanq (Jihad by terrorism) to virtual warfare like Jihad bil Muhabbat (Love Jihad) to Jihad bil Taqqiyya (Jihad accomplished by deception and beguiling Kafirs to lull them into unpreparedness before launching a physical attack) to Jihad bil Qitman (Jihad by speaking only part-truth) is Jihad. Rioting too is but one kind of Jihad, and requires a lesser scale of preparation. Rioting is what any lay Believer (Momin) can participate in, and is an impromptu as well as planned version of Jihad by Muslims against non-Muslims.

  1. Quranic verses do incite violence against Kafirs (Hindus)IS A FACT ACCEPTED BY AN INDIAN COURT; read more at http://indiafacts.org/court-ruling-ayats-quran-cause-communal-riots/
  2. Islam’s 1st sanction for religious violence: Quranic verses that incite violence against non-Muslims:
    For a Hindu study (vide Voice of India) on Jihad’s basis in the Quran, the first-most important scripture of Islam, which is a compilation of revelations from Allah (Islamic name for Judeo-Christian Yahweh / Jehovah) received by Prophet Mohammed, read Suhas Majumdar’s Jihad: the Islamic doctrine of permanent war, at http://voiceofdharma.org/books/jihad/ch1.htm
    For a Westerner study of the actual Quranic verses which incite violence against Kafirs (Hindus), read https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/violence.aspx
    Here is one violence-inciting verse as a sample, from the above link:

Quran (2:216)Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.” Not only does this verse establish that violence can be virtuous, but it also contradicts the myth that fighting is intended only in self-defense, since the audience was obviously not under attack at the time. From the Hadith, we know that this verse was narrated at a time that Muhammad was actually trying to motivate his people into raiding merchant caravans for loot.


  1. Islam’s 2nd scriptural sanction for religious violence: Hadiths and violence against non-Muslims
    For a Hindu study (vide Voice of India) on Jihad’s basis in the Hadiths, the second-most important scripture of Islam, which is a compilation of Prophet Mohammed and his deed / quotes / actions as exemplary for all the Muslim Ummah, read Suhas Majumdar’s Jihad: the Islamic doctrine of permanent war, at http://voiceofdharma.org/books/jihad/ch2.htm
    As a westerner’s link to Hadiths verses which incite violence against Kafirs (Hindus), read https://www.politicalislam.com/sharia-law-for-non-muslims-chapter-5-the-kafir/ , http://bharatvani.org/books/uith/ch9.htm and http://gatesofvienna.net/2016/03/jihad-in-the-hadith-the-call-to-fight-the-kafir/ .
    Here is a sample verse on Jihad from the Hadith (Sahih Bukhari), quoted from the Gates of Vienna website quoted above:
    4, bk. 52, 4: Narrated Ibn Abbas: Allah’s Apostle said, there is no Hijra (i.e. migration) ( from Mecca to Medina) after the conquest of Mecca, but Jihad and good intention remain; and if you are called (by the Muslim ruler) for fighting go immediately. (From the Gates of Vienna webpage listed in the previous line)


  1. Biblical basis and precedent of Quran-sanctioned violence

Indeed, the Quran by message and content is a reorganized Bible.
Writes Sita Ram Goel, in Hindu Temples: What happened to them: Volume II, in Chapter 14: The Bible appears in Arabic:  
The Quran can, without an exaggeration, be called the Bible in Arabic so far as its dominant theme is concerned… Our judgement is confirmed by the way the pagan Arabs responded to the Quran.

The Allah of the Quran announced again and again that he was making his revelations available in the Arabic language so that the Arabs could have a scripture of their own. The response from the Arabs, however, was far from positive. Biographers of the prophet inform us that the more the pagan Arabs came to know the Quran the more hostile they became to it, till the man through whose mouth it was being conveyed left Mecca in total frustration…

Today the Quran is regarded, not by the Muslims alone, as the greatest classic ever composed in the Arabic language. But the people to whom the language belonged before it was usurped by Islam, took no such pride in the composition. On the contrary, they felt extremely annoyed that their ancient language was being misused for a very profane purpose by a person whom, as we shall see, they thought demented and possessed by evil spirits.

Since Quranic theology stems from the Bible, for reading about blood and gore in the Bible, read http://www.evilbible.com/evil-bible-home-page/murder-in-the-bible/ and another page, (Theological inspiration drawn from Old Testament Books like Joshua and Deuteronomyhttp://www.evilbible.com/)

as a Western study.
Parts of Latin America, Africa and North East India have witnessed Christian rioting. For a recent news item of Christian aggression in Christian-dominated areas of India, read https://www.theapolitical.in/india/mizo-religious-fanatics-burnt-hindu-idol-indian-national-flag-in-full-public-view and to know more about Christians killing Hindus violently, read https://www.stephen-knapp.com/thirteen_years_of_killings_in_tripura.htm.
Having thus illustrated the Abrahamic tradition of eliminating the non-Abrahamic Gentile / Pagan / Kafir (Hindus), we go back to the topic of this paper which is Hindu non-Abrahamics facing Muslim Abrahamic riots.

5. Islamic rioting outside India:
Since Islam is a global problem, there is plenty of rioting by Muslims against non-Muslims even outside India, particularly in countries where they aren’t the majority. This mention is important because Leftists, Secularists and Marxists in India seek to provide apologia for Islamic violence as a back-up arrangement, cleverly attempting to reduce the focus of a global problem, to just India, as if the Indian version of Islamic rioting is the only theatre of riots and small local causes triggered riots due to polarisation and “communalisation”. (This attempt is then followed by changing the status of Muslims from ‘persecutors’ to ‘persecuted’.) It is important to counter reductionism, apologia and negationism about Islamic acts of violence by the Leftists.
To know more about Muslims rioting outside India’s borders, as just two examples, watch the video http://www.wnd.com/wnd_video/shocking-video-french-muslims-and-leftists-violently-riot-attack-police/ for riots in France (EU)
and, for Arakan, to unmask Rohingya Muslim terror against Hindus, read: http://www.globalnewlightofmyanmar.com/area-territory-arsa-extremist-terrorists/


6. No one denies that riots happen due to causes other than religion; but many riots do happen due to the religion factor, namely, Islam.
Yes, there is no denying that all violence isn’t religious. Was not the bombing of America-occupied Hawaii (Pearl Harbour) by the Japanese and the atomic bombing of Japan’s cities by America non-religious? South America has witnessed riots for water rights in Bolivia in 2000 which overthrew the government (https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/water-war-in-bolivia-led-eventually-to-overthrow-of-entire-political-order-1.2004444) that had sided with the water privatizing corporate (http://www.coha.org/on-water-scarcity-and-the-right-to-life-bolivia/) that bowed down under public unity (https://earthjustice.org/news/press/2006/bechtel-surrenders-in-bolivia-water-revolt-case). Baltimore (Maryland, USA) has had ‘Black-Establishment’ riots numerous times, with one such trigger after an arrested AfroAmerican died (http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/sun-investigates/bs-md-sun-investigates-january-crime-20170204-story.html).
So, with due respect to the greater perspective, the article must remain in focus about how Islam has caused instigation for riots, a fact agreed by an Indian Court of Justice, as mentioned in the point 1. above and without the dispersal of the blame of Islam’s pivotal role (in world violence in general and anti-Hindu violence in particular) to some obscure local, ecological or social (read “non-Islamic”) causes searched around by apologists and negationists.

7. Islam has a system that inculcates every impressionable mind from a young age:

Here, the blog writer presents a video of how Madrassas in the UK preach hatred against moorti-poojak go-poojak Hindus, against British society, against fashionable dresses or hairstyles,etc.
https://youtu.be/g-_rBZh8DgI <iframe width=”640″ height=”390″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/g-_rBZh8DgI” frameborder=”0″ gesture=”media” allowfullscreen></iframe>
Source of information: http://barenakedislam.com/2017/11/06/undercover-cameras-at-one-of-britains-most-prestigious-and-respected-islamic-schools-reveal-that-young-children-are-being-taught-to-hate-non-muslims-and-revile-british-society/


    It is about 1300 years or so, since when Hindus have been facing invasions or attacks from Islamic forces. Since the first Islamic attack on Hindu soil ~1300 years ago – from unsuccessful 7th century CE naval raids on the Western coast and from Mohammed bin Qasim enslaving defeated Hindu princesses Deval Kumari and Roop Kumari, to the latest terror attack or riots, cumulative and collective Hindu historical experience through history and remembered by Hindus had been that any Islamic army looted, plundered and burnt, cheated, raped, kidnapped, enslaved, taunted, insulted, taxed, terrorized, lied to and converted the defeated Hindu populace.

Yet, within this cumulative experience of 1300 years or so, all memory is not being beaten and humiliated; by the 19th century CE, Hindus had regained control of their homeland from Muslim rule. Unfortunately, Hindus, reconquering national rule from Islam, lost national control yet again to another enemy – the British – but Hindus attacked back the British right from the Paik revolution of Odisha in 1817, to the grand Indian War of Independence of 1857 with Muslim support, and after 1857, vide various armed revolutionary challenges to British rule till Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s INA and the Naval Mutiny, leading to independence. Under Lokmanya Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal and Lala Lajpat Rai, the Congress was quite Hindu. Hindus outnumbered Muslims in undivided India 3:1 in the pre-Independence / pre-Partition times.


But, in the era from 1920 to 1948, preceding and after Partition – the ‘Gandhi era’ – the same Hindus who had regained control of national sovereignty from Muslims with results and had later launched an offensive against the British using armed struggle, got disarmed – first by the British and later on a national scale by Gandhi’s preaching of non-violence: a teaching which could never succeed in disarming the Muslims. When Muslim violence faced Hindu non-violence, Hindus surrendered to Jihadi mobs and never even tried to stand up to their challengers where they (Hindus) were still in a majority. Outnumbered wherever they were in a zonal minority vis-à-vis fellow-Indian Muslims, Hindus-the-minority remained vulnerable, weaponless, scattered and betrayed; such populations of Hindus could not save property, life or limb, dignity, their womenfolk, their own political and cultural identity and also their GoDhan cattle from rapacious Muslims, particularly in the wake of Partition, and Hindus on the whole lost historic territory to a breakaway Pakistan.

Even after Partition, within leftover India, Hindu experience is that wherever Hindus are numerically weaker or remain politically unconscious even where they are in a local majority, such Hindus face riots / terror attacks (depending on the planning and scale), kidnapping of their girls, threats from Muslims, wanton moorti-desecration or temple-defiling or cattle slaughter or other cultural insults from organised and united Muslims.

So whenever a riot happens, old historic memories contribute towards a slow anger against Muslims amongst the minds of victimized Hindus.

Gandhian pleading for peace and non-violence, which never could prevent Partition, or even riots, only quietens the few Hindus who considered helping their embattled brethren, but never really stops Muslims from showing solidarity towards their Ummah flock. Gandhianism / Gandhism never helped Hindus in riot situations. Down from Gandhi’s own Noakhali faltering, to the 1992-1993 riot-time Manoj Kumar or Congress MP Sunil Dutt making appeals, a MuJahidised mob is not something that listens to Ahimsa, though it is a speed breaker to Hindu reactiveness.

Quote about Muslim preparedness with weapons and Hindu lack of preparedness: A DNA report on the Muzaffaarnagar riots of 2013 (UP): “Satyender Kumar Baliyan shudders as he recounts how he escaped the massacre at Gang Nahar…Baliyan, 24, was among a group of 2,000 villagers returning home after attending the Mahapanchayat hosted by several Jat communities of western Uttar Pradesh in nearby Kawal village, when they were ambushed by a mob, armed with assault rifles and other sophisticated weapons. ‘Since, I was with the NCC for more than three years during my school days, I could easily tell that our assailants were using AK47 rifles and other weapons,’ he told dna at the site of the massacre.”



BUT, WHENEVER HINDU RESISTANCE HAS BEEN TOUGH AND EFFECTIVE, ISLAM IS ON THE BACK FOOT. AND THIS TOO IS A COLLECTIVE HINDU MEMORY… The Hindu was used to being defeated by Muslim attackers – until Shivaji, after which the Hindu started defeating the Muslim; during the Peshwa times, the Hindu went into an offensive and survived even the Panipat tragedy.

Even when the State facilitated killing of Hindus (vide Surhawardy, the Muslim League CM of Bengal, 1946 Great Calcutta Killing), counter violence in Bihar by Bihari Hindus against Bihari Muslims as well as Hindu Bengali resistance by Gopal Patha Mukherjee’s men (Bharat Jatiya Bahini) within Kolkata stopped rioting by Muslims in Kolkata where the State machinery was plain treason (the Greaat Calcutta Killings of August 1946).

In all this, the Hindu Samhati (Tapan Ghosh) has given Gopal Patha a fit tribute on his centenary; to relate a historian: “While it is true that Mukherjee did not initiate the riots, he did organise a large group of Hindu Bengali youths and trained them to fight Muslims… Mukherjee was forced to turn violent when Muslim rioters approached central Kolkata…. Mukherjee had sheltered a lot of Hindu families and widows during the riots…http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/kolkata/celebrating-the-centenary-of-a-divisive-figure/article6326661.ece. Wel, never mind the title of a Secularist-Leftist publication: every upright Hindu is divisive, while every law-breaking terrorist or rioter has all the human rights, not the beleaguered Hindu which should not be proud of its own protectors.


Can the Hindu indeed trust the Indian State fully for protection? On paper, yes. If the State were to step in to protect Hindu people / culture and cattle, and prevent crime, citizens would not have had to do it themselves. Lack of good governance forces locals to resort to taking law into their own hands. Reality, however, is different: there are levels of how a State can protect subjects: in India, the Army never fails, but the Police often do, as the legislators always do.

But Hindus got thrown out of Muslim majority regions like the Kashmir Valley four full decades after the Partition; what was the Indian State doing? The Indian State still cannot vouch for a safe rehab 28 years after the Pandit exodus; how can Hindus be considered safe?

With Kashmir and continuous terror attacks, Hindu experience is that Hindu society should prepare for self-defence without losing total faith in the Indian State. In any case, carrying weapons is disallowed across India, and despite that weapons are discovered with Muslims when riots erupt. Even in non-communal situations, aren’t weapons always found with hard core criminals and not with the populace?

India makes Hindus liable for all duties and empowers Muslims with only rights (Sachar Committee report; tax on Amarnath but subsidy to Haj; Muslim reservation; Mamata Banerjee giving Imams monthly stipends from the Public Exchequer; etc.).

India’s establishment includes the bureaucracy, judiciary, academia and media. They are often anti-Hindu even when the elected legislature may be pro-Hindu.

The strategy of India’s Centrist and Leftist parties has been to either black out the news of Hindus being attacked (blacking out news is not possible anymore due to the advent of social media) or to cool Hindu anger; to divide the Hindu society based on sect, province and caste politics of reservation; and to not solve the ‘Islam problem’ in a way that no terror attack on Hindus will ever happen by Islamic forces.

Centrist and Leftist parties do nothing to make sure Muslims are de-Tablighised, modernized, secularised and brought into the mainstream without secessionism and harm to Hindu interests.


As only three of numerous examples of Islamic leaders who have openly defied law and order, threatened Hindus, challenged elected leaders, stoked separatism amongst Muslims and defied the writ of the Indian State, we have Imam Bukhari of Delhi’s Jama Masjid (http://www.thehindu.com/2001/02/17/stories/0217000n.htm), Madani of Kerala (http://www.hindustantimes.com/india/who-is-madani/story-Q9ke5mriAmzV6QsYlln47I.html) or Imam Barkati of Tipu Sultan Mosque, Kolkata (http://www.opindia.com/2017/05/bengals-imam-barkati-says-no-one-has-the-guts-to-arrest-him-after-multiple-firs-filed/).

Islamic forces (nations like Pakistan or terror groups) continue to attack Hindus even today, only adding to the history with newer incidents and vindicating Hindu fears. Hence any Hindu-Muslim riot can bring back old painful wounds of Hindus facing atrocities since centuries, from the collective historical memory.

But the real objective of all rioting and terror attacks is to complete the Islamisation of India, and to finish Hinduism in a war called Ghazwa-e-Hind – the final and last battle for the conquest of India.  To understand how Ghazwa-e-Hind is theologically rooted in Islam, with Hadith source quotes, read  https://sohaibsialvi.wordpress.com/2012/09/16/ghazwa-e-hind-www-sohaibsialvi-tk-sohaibsialbi-blogspot-com/ .

In the video link quoted, the cleric tells his enthralled audience that Pakistan came about for the sole purpose of being the springboard of the end-of-times ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ when Pakistan’s military and people will swarm India and wipe out once and for all the practice of Hinduism from the face of the earth. https://youtu.be/12krbbKA6X0

Our defence experts have warned India about this impending war: http://www.indiandefencereview.com/ghazwa-e-hind-revival-and-re-assertion-is-dangerous-to-indian-security/.

Any society targeted by Islamic Jihad has got to get one’s act of defence together. India isn’t ready.





The nation of India has some brilliant dutiful police officers and constables and the blog writer salutes them. Overall, India is still not overtaken by crime due to both law-abiding patriotic citizens and good police. Constable Tukaram Ombale stopped Ajmal Qasab during the Mumbai terror attacks (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJR3y-NWz8U). There are, of course, many instances where the police have managed to stop riots in their tracts; an anonymous video footage illustrates this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOm6pNGkyvI.

Yet, India’s police force falters when facing Islamic rioting… and the overall image of India’s police – already  maligned by police corruption – is not that they can be fully trusted of saving Hindu lives when it comes to handling of Hindu-Muslim riots. Why else did the Kashmiri Pandit exodus eventually take place? Because the Kashmiri Police did not act when loudspeakers were issuing threats to the Kashmiri Hindu minority… law and order is a state subject, the State of the state of Jammu-Kahsmir had police which did not take care of the Hindu Kashmiris; the Police are the first line of law enforcement, the Army the last.

The paramilitary forces like the BSF (Border Security Force) have a reputation and respect status in between that of the police and army; but, have not infiltrations happened in BSF-manned borders, to the tune of millions of Bangladeshi infiltrators? Have not cattle been smuggled to slaughter into Bangladesh from the Indian border right under the nose of the BSF? Has not smuggling happened across borders in general?

While Hindu society still respects the police, Hindu society believes only the actual Army can be most trusted; citizens prefer the army jawan to the policeman. This is depicted in Indian cinema which may exaggerate both – the heroic patriotic brave police officer as well as the corrupt and inept part of Indian police attitudes – and cinema does little to reinstate citizens’ faith in the Indian police.

If the police don’t help, Hindus need self-help before the trustworthy army arrives. But what if the State does not call in the Army? Hindus have no one except their own selves, to help themselves. Mamata Banerjee didn’t call the Army even after extensive rioting. WELL, NEITHER HAD THE JAMMU-KASHMIR ADMINISTRATION TILL THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF PANDITS WAS FULLY THROWN OUT OF THE KASHMIR VALLEY. So, Hindus do reserve the right to react to aggression.


The scale of any Hindu-Muslim riots in post-independence India and within borders is directly proportional to police reticence and cowardice or, rectitude and adeptness in apprehending provocateurs and culprits right at the start, preventing arms accumulation by Muslims, stopping the escalation of violence before a cycle of action and retribution sets in and finally, bringing the perpetrators of violence to book.

But police often fear Muslim aggressiveness as a threat to either their own lives or as a difficult challenge to their reputation or as simply much harder work to do, to restore law and order, as against controlling Hindus who can be scolded into silence so much more easily; India’s police may find arresting Hindu leaders without nabbing Muslim culprits or without arresting bigmouth Muslim leaders, to be easier work to do, to show some token work being done on their report.


If the Muslim side is very powerful, the police – especially without political backing for action against perpetrators – are liable to (not each time but often times) being either slow or utter cowards.
Examples of Police cowardice and ineptitude in countering Islamic aggression, physical and symbolic:

  1. Sangli-Miraj, Maharashtra, Ganeshotsav 2012: Watch this video of the Sangli-Miraj riots of 2012 when the police took a beating from a Muslim mob. Image culled from the same video.This is the image of the Islamic Green flag unfurled atop a Police van in Miraj-Sangli by a Muslim mob, when the Ganesh festival was on in 2012, with a big public poster of a local Ganesh Pandal, of how Shivaji Maharaj had disemboweled Afzal Khan at Pratapgad, being resented by ‘sensitive’ Muslims and being upheld by Hindus, resulting in riots.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5S8dP82e46c <iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/5S8dP82e46c” frameborder=”0″ gesture=”media” allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. Malda (West Bengal), 2016: The West Bengal Police seemed to have ‘allowed’ Muslims to ‘give vent’ to Jihadi feelings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6Mg9SCL0Jg <iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Q6Mg9SCL0Jg” frameborder=”0″ gesture=”media” allowfullscreen></iframe>
    Another video footage of destruction of railway property by Muslim mobs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui9ogN4-kxo <iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/ui9ogN4-kxo” frameborder=”0″ gesture=”media” allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. Azad Maidan riots, Mumbai 2012: A telling image of the Azad Maidan riots that targeted the police, is available:http://www.thehindu.com/migration_catalog/article12660904.ece/alternates/FREE_660/15THRIOTA video footage of the Azad Maidan riots:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adv9UekLVUM <iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Adv9UekLVUM” frameborder=”0″ gesture=”media” allowfullscreen></iframe>As to how police and media vehicles were attacked during tthe Azad Maidan riots, watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjDlYwtE6mo <iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/fjDlYwtE6mo” frameborder=”0″ gesture=”media” allowfullscreen></iframe> Warning: Cuss words (What if all these rioters would have been shot dead?)

    To know how women Police were caught in the riot attack, this is an excerpt: “While patrolling the area on Saturday, she suddenly heard screams and shouts and froze for a few seconds as a mob of more than a 1,000 men raged forward… ‘People were throwing stones, sticks and anything they could lay their hands on. They came charging indiscriminately towards anybody in uniform. It didn’t matter if you were a man or a woman,’ woman constable Tejashree Athavale said. Athavale suffered a fracture on her left leg and bruises on her right arm caused by a blunt object. She is recuperating at GT Hospital.”  http://archive.indianexpress.com/news/mumbai-violence-brave-women-cops-have-first-brush-with-riot/987547/

    Muslim rioters also snatched weapons from the police.
    Many policemen were seriously hurt.


    While Secularist Hindus as Indians articulate about how being Indian and being Hindu are different, and how being Indian is inclusive, Muslims know fully well that both the Hindu Rajya and the Bhaarateeya Rajya are one and the same, and Dar-ul-harb (home of war and conflict) all the same. So they think not when they attack a memorial of patriotism of the Indian State of which they are supposed to be full citizens and nationals.


    Just like in 1992-1993 Mumbai riots, when these Azad maidan riots happened in Mumbai, there was an inept Congress government in power in Maharashtra in 2012; besides, it was also Ramzan. Well, the Quran has plenty of quotes of violence in Ramzan. Check http://www.when-is.com/ramadan-2012.asp for verifying that the time of the Azad maidan riots was indeed Ramadan / Ramzan then, and for knowing about interpersonal violence during Ramadan, read http://www.citizenwarrior.com/2010/09/qurans-last-word-on-non-muslims.html.

  4. Jaipur riots, 2017: A police station was torched and a policeman killed by rampaging Muslims.

    1. http://topyaps.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/jpr4528344226576926-large.jpg
      This website also caustically reports press bias against Hindus in reporting. http://topyaps.com/muslim-mob-jaipur-traffic

    This is what Dr. Koenraad Elst has cited about the Muslims and the police of India: From Ayodhya and After: Issues before Hindu society: 11.4 Muslims and the police

    The mutual enmity between the Muslim community and the police is a well-known feature of India’s communal friction… In the Hyderabad violence, police were finding it difficult to enforce curfew in the lanes and by-lanes of the [predominantly Muslim] Old City. People on the roof- tops were pelting stones on the policehttp://koenraadelst.bharatvani.org/books/ayodhya/ch11.htm


    Such Muslims are pampered or cultivated into a vote–bank… such shielding of Muslims may involve a transfer or suspension or career-hampering enquiry of a dutiful police officer for dealing with the Muslim perpetrators, as punishment within the framework of the Secularist establishment.

    Let us take the case of Mumbai Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik who was in charge of police during the 11th August 2012 Azad Maidan riots by a Muslim mob in Mumbai:

    “…Two protesters were killed in firing and over 50 injured including more than 40 police personnel. Several police and media vehicles were vandalised and set ablaze, some women constables allegedly molested and three police weapons and ammunition snatched by the mob. While Patnaik had come in for fulsome praise from Muslim leaders for exercising restraint in the face of grave provocation, the Opposition, particularly Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray’s MNS, went for his jugular…” http://www.rediff.com/news/report/mumbai-top-cop-transferred-after-azad-maidan-violence/20120823.htm

    Raj Thackeray has been quoted thus in the same article: “When a DCP got hold of a rioter, an abusive Patnaik told him to let off the offender” while Arup Patnaik himself is quoted in the same article as saying: “…‘facing a few stones ourselves’ was better than following a more aggressive course.” Thus, Arup Patnaik was charged with ineptitude by rightist parties, praised for not allowing too much killing of rioter Muslim mobsters by Muslim leaders who love police who spare their tribe but was transferred by the Congress government in power anyway.

    The post of Mumbai’s Police Commissioner is rather glamorous, with top cops featuring on Page 3 of silly tabloids. What about non-descript police officers? So, if top cops are so prone to manipulation, what about the morale of the cops lower in the pecking order after being punished instead of rewarded for being dutiful?

    • THE POLICE, INSTEAD OF STOPPING RIOTING MUSLIMS, MAY GET HINDUS LEADERS ARRESTED: Sometimes, the police do not manage to stop Muslim aggression but instead arrest the leader who spoke up amongst the already outnumbered or victimized Hindus.

    As an example, let us see what happened after a mob of Muslims attacked a 180-member camp of the Hindu Samhati in Ganga Sagar, West Bengal, on June 12, 2008, with not even a couple of dozen armed West Bengal policemen deployed to deal with some thousand armed Muslims:

    In a travesty of justice, instead of arresting the attackers, the Police in West Bengal have slapped a non-bailable arrest warrant against Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh and 15 Hindu Samhati activists.  The concocted charges against them are listed as being: ‘Incitement and Instigation for Rioting’ and ‘Disruption of Communal Harmony’http://www.haindavakeralam.com/hindu-samhati-leaders-arrested-hk13910

    This example also illustrates how armed and prepared Muslims can be, against which the local police force could be inadequately prepared.


    Despite all the Gandhian pleading, Liberal scolding, Secularist threatening and Marxist belittling of Hindus, Hindus do actually become aware when they get hurt, and they do counter-react with greater Hindu cohesion.  When such mobilized Hindus stand up, the police really do their job, but by then there could already have been unfortunate counter-rioting and the also unfortunate counter-slaughter of pigs at mosque steps (as a tit-for-tat , after Muslim slaughter of cows) as Hindus have never been an absolute pushover or doormat. (The blog writer does not support killing animals for settling scores, when a person getting harmed is bad as it is…)

    • THE COMMUNIST POLITICIANS (ESPECIALLY THE MARXISTS): Marxist politicians are ideologically and politically motivated to subvert the narrative of the nation, which is Hindu, hence they support anti-Hindu activity, like such communal behavior by Muslims. But the greater motivation is more ideological than political.

    Dr. Koenraad Elst says this about the CPI(M) and Jyoti Basu: ‘…in India Communism is far more alive and combative than in almost any other country, with a formidable presence on the ground (Northeast, Jharkhand-Telengana corridor), in the trade-unions, in academe and in the parliaments of several states. Communism’s persistent grip on West Bengal in particular is very largely Jyoti Basu’s own work.’ (http://koenraadelst.blogspot.in/2010/01/jyoti-basu-and-unnecessary-success-of.html)

    Read about Jyoti Basu (the Communist Bhadralok leader from the refugee East Bengal Hindu constituency) here (‘Yet, he – Jyoti Basu – wouldn’t allow the police to act every time Muslims ran riot, most infamously after Mohammedan Sporting Club lost a football match.’ http://sanatansena.blogspot.in/2012/11/jyoti-basu-destroyer-of-west-bengal.html) and how he supported the anti-Hindu side of the Ayodhya schism even though he or his party were hardly in power in UP during the Kar Sewa and Babri demolition  (https://www.outlookindia.com/website/story/basu-dumbfounded/212010).

    • THE SOCIALIST POLLITICIANS (LOHIA-ITES): Socialist politicians are soft Marxists ideologically and worse than Marxists when it comes to Muslim appeasement.

    Socialist leaders have not just divided Hindu society along jaati faultlines (Breaking India BI forces) but also carried to its logical conclusion the Gandhi formula of Hindu submission before Islamic aggression (Khilafat then, no-Mandir stance now), where Hindu lives matter not but Muslim opinion matters, and not just electorally but also ideologically.

    Said Mulayam Singh Yadav the Socialist Lohiaite ex-Chief Minister of UP on his firing and killing of uncountable Hindu kar sewaks when in power in 1990: ‘”We had to fire. When I tried to justify my action, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) members called me the murderer of humanity. If we had not fired at them, imagine what the Muslim population would have thought. Then how would I justify my position as chief minster… I would not have re-considered my decision, if more lives would have gone to save the religious place.http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-mulayam-singh-justifies-shooting-of-16-karsevaks-in-ayodhya-in-1990-2249409 With such insipid Socialist options spawning state after state, Hindus cannot have a State protector but in fact a State-sponsored ingrown threat to their existence. No wonder Kairana is in the same state as Mulla Mulayam.

    • THE CONGRESS POLITICIANS, THE SECULARIST MEDIA: Congress politicians are known for anti-Sikh violence (1984).

    But Secularist politicians of non-Communist and non-Socialist parties like the Congress are motivated both by the ideologically anti-Hindu basis of Secularism and politically by electoral compulsions of the Muslim vote banks they have carefully cultivated (the politicians) or staying in politically safe pro-establishment camp (in case of the media). Parties like the Congress, who tiptoe around Muslim hardliners, aren’t above biased handling of riots, like preventing police action against Muslim provocateurs. Media houses like the Times of India are also not above biased reporting of riots. Let us see an example.

    Maharashtra had two Congress party Chief Ministers in power during the tense Hindu-Muslim clashes after the Babri Demolition of 6th December 1992:

    (1) Sudhakarrao Naik (CM 25 June 1991 – 22 February 1993) during the Mumbai Hindu-Muslim riots (9 December 1992 – 26 January 1993); Naik could not handle the initial phase of Muslim violence;  and, after Naik,

    (2) Sharad Pawar (CM 6 March 1993 to 14 March 1995) during the horrible Mumbai serial bomb blasts (12 March 1993) shortly afterwards, committed by wanton Jihadi terror. While there were only 11 blasts, all  in Hindu-majority areas, Pawar spread the bogey of an extra 12th blast in  the Muslim area at Masjid Bunder, to prevent communal flare-ups, so frightened was Pawar of more rioting, and of speaking the full truth of Hindus being targeted; Pawar, who himself confessed to this at a Pune function years later (http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-who-detonated-the-bomb-in-masjid-bandar-during-1993-blasts-it-was-then-maharashtra-cm-sharad-pawar-2167032), laid the foundation for the concoction of the term ‘Hindu terrorism’, as a Congress Secularist CM.

    The blog writer then was an impressionable youth in his late teens and has seen Mumbai back then, as well as experienced the ineptitude of these Congress leaders as Chief Ministers. When Hindus were killled in the first few days of the long-drawn riots in broad daylight on Mumbai’s streets, which wasn’t even covered by the Secularist Press, before sleeping Hindus in the Radhabai Chawl were roasted alive by a fire to their tenement in night sleep and police quarters were also attacked, the only factor that stopped Muslim aggression in its tracts was that the Shiv Sena under Balasaheb Thakre led counter riots from the front. The Centrist stance-holder Congress government was an utter failure and was eventually voted out.

    Did not the Secularist newspapers like the Times of India also show shameless biased reporting, at a time when there was no social media scene? This duplicity is aptly captured by the painstaking archiving of Times of India editions of early Jauary 1993 (Mumbai riots time) by Shrikant Talageri which is also caustically worded by Dr. Koenraad Elst: 

    Yet, the outside world has never heard this account of the January riots because the decisive news channels, first of all the Times of India, have chosen to black out all reference to the Muslim initiative. Its reporting during the first three days gives what Mumbai resident Shrikant Talageri considers the true story, though only to the readers who know Mumbai well: the areas mentioned where “people” and policemen were attacked, were all Muslim-dominated areas.(Mumbai edition of Times of India, issues of 7 to 9.1.93) Following Press Council rules, the paper did not mention, which community was on the attack and which one on the defensive, until three days later, when the Shiv Sena started its retaliation.” From Page 459 http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/bitstream/10603/129386/20/20_appendix%203.pdf

    The media of a nation has to function neutrally and quicken our conscience but Secularism has benumbed their sensitivity to Hindu concerns. No wonder upright Hindus treat media persons with contempt and have their own social media news outlets, blogs and groups.

    • THE LEFT-LIB PSEUDO-INTELLECTUALS: Even Left-Liberal pseudo-intellectuals are ideologically and politically motivated to subvert the narrative of the nation, hence they support rioting communal behavior by Muslims.
      Let us see some examples.
      Azad maidan riots, Mumbai, 2012: Since only 2 Muslim mobsters were killed by police firing in the Azad Maidan Mumbai riots of August 2012 during Congress rule, under Mumbai Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik, Left Liberal intellectuals praised him. “…the senior police official had also found support from some, notably activist Teesta Setalvad and former IPS official Julio Riberio, who defended his actions and said the restraint shown by the police in handling the riot had helped prevent its spread.” http://www.firstpost.com/mumbai/mumbai-top-cop-arup-patnaik-promoted-for-mishandling-riots-427556.html Well, Teesta and Rebeiro said absolutely nothing about the Islamic tendency for violence, their desecration of the Indian flag, their attack on the police; Secularism not just condones but explains away Islamic violence as not Quran-sanctioned or Quran-advocated but as a reaction to Hindu uprightness.
      Malda riots, January 2016, West Bengal: Just how quiet the Leftist-Liberal media and pseudo-intellectuals are in the face of Muslim aggression is well criticized today by upright Hindu netizens and neutral Western or Indian observers and media-persons. As a case, we have the blog by one Abhinav Pandya: “The Malda Riots And The Shocking Silence Of The Liberal Media” http://www.huffingtonpost.in/abhinav-pandya/malda-riots-and-the-shock_b_9004020.html
      Muzaffarnagar riots, UttarPradesh, 2013:
      Quote: “A mischievous report of the Muzaffarnagar riots was published by the NGO, Act Now for Harmony and Democracy (ANHAD) in September 2013. ANHAD is a trust having the following trustees: Shabnam Hashmi, Harsh Mander (part of Sonia Gandhi’s NAC), K N Panikkar (historian), Shubha Mudgal (Hindustani classical singer), Kamla Bhasin, and Saeed Akhtar Mirza (Bollywood screenwriter). The report is entitled Evil Stalks the Land and is a study in deception. It primarily blames the RSS, a few local BJP leaders, and casts insinuations against Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. It contends that the riots were the culmination of the systemmatic efforts of the RSS, the BJP and several Hindu organizations who “spitted (sic) venom at the Muslims.
      : Regional politicians, whose regional politics thrives on the weakening of the pan-Hindu cohesion and encouragement of provincial pride juxtaposed against national pride, will do what pleases the biggest pressurizing group.

    In general, any party that represents some Jaati or Pradesh of Hindus is likely to skip opportunities for solidarity of all Hindus spanning states and jaati. UNLIKE THE OLD SHIV SENA, NOT A SINGLE REGIONAL PARTY IS KNOWN TO UTTER A SINGLE PRO-HINDU OR ANTI-JIHAD STATEMENT. (Even the Shiv Sena has changed today.)


    How a Hindu complaint of provocation by Muslims, of blatant or suspected cattle slaughter or kidnapping of Hindu girls by Muslim youth, or of riots, is attended to by India’s police force, may depend not just upon the dutifulness of the police officer concerned or Intelligence provided, but also on other factors:

    • The equations of power amongst the local Hindus (unity and assertiveness win, passiveness and disunity lose);
    • Solidarity of Hindus or Jihadi help from other regions and neighbouring provinces for their respective fellow community members in the riot-affected region (Muslims beat Hindus anytime in the show of solidarity);
    • The level of local Muslim aggressiveness (which is easier to stir by one inflammatory Friday Jamaat);
    • The politicians of non-Hindu parties;
    • Media reporting or politicizing; and,
    • Hindu preparedness versus Islamic preparedness
      Hindus being browbeaten into submission or having to flee, has also been observed in today’s Left-dominated states, socialist-ruled states and Muslim-dominated places like Kairana (UP) over the decades. No citation or illustration is needed to elaborate this fact.Rioting where Hindus are the majority and are assertive: Gujarat riots (2002)
      There is no better example than the riots of Gujarat (2002). With Godhra and Ahmedabad having a history of Hindu-Muslim rioting and with Pakistan at Gujarat’s border, with Gandhi and business the ruling image of Gujarat for all time, and with the Hindu temper cooled after the Babri Demolition, Gujarat Muslims experimented with Hindu patience with a BJP government in power in Gujarat with Narendra Modi  ji only recently the Chief Minister- the Gujarat Muslims at Godhra torched the Sabarmati Express bogie of Karsewaks to ashes on the morning of 27 February 2002 at Godhra station when the train was returning from Ayodhya to Ahmedabad, killing all Hindus in the bogie. What was instead noticed was that Hindus unleashed their fury and indulged in massive counter-rioting, bringing Gujarat’s Muslims to their knees, pleading for mercy. Noted Marathi Savarkari-ite columnist Arvind Vithall Kullkarni, wrote in Dharmabhaskar, a Marathi monthly that if a tolerant yet frequent victim of arson (implying – Hindu society) is used to dousing flames set alight to one’s house with water (akin to patience) by intentional violence (implying, Jihad and Islam), a time comes when the person whose house has been set of fire yet one more time finds no water to douse the flames (no more patience left); then the frequently aggrieved person (meaning: the Hindu lay citizen who is frequently attacked across India by Muslims) has no alternative than to set the house of the attacker alight. While the opponents of Modi hate him for the riots, Hindus voted him to power all the way to Prime Ministership in 2014, with cumulative and sustained electoral Hindu consolidation. While the blog writer does not support killing, he insists that the trigger for a Hindu reaction is always a combination of Muslim aggression and Secularist repression, like what doctors call an acute-on-chronic episode of a long-standing illness, much like what has been described as ‘old wounds’ in preceding paragraphs. What we note in case of Gujarat is that Hindu anger, repressed for long, can seek revenge with uncalculated proportions, even in a state like Gujarat known for sweet food, vegetarianism, Jainism, Gandhi and business diplomacy, and not known for a military representation in India’s armed forces.

      Rioting where Hindu and Muslim populations are almost equally matched: Muzaffarnagar, 2013
      The Muzaffarnagar riots of September 2013 easily count as one of the worst instances of communal violence in recent memory. There has been almost equal action-retribution.


      Rioting where Hindus are outnumbered locally by Muslims though they are in an overall majority in the region: Marad, coastal Kerala 2003:
      The Marad massacre was the killing of eight Hindus by a Muslim mob on 2 May 2003 at the Marad Beach of the Kozhikode district, Kerala, India.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5EiVIuBySc <iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/y5EiVIuBySc” frameborder=”0″ gesture=”media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

      The case is being pursued now by the Modi government. More information is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J6i-gVAj4E <iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/_J6i-gVAj4E” frameborder=”0″ gesture=”media” allowfullscreen></iframe>




    This picture of Hindus taking a beating from the Muslims has changed in recent times. Religious leaders of a congregation of Abrahamics shudder at any development of unity amongst and combativeness in Hindus, and if educated Hindus show combativeness towards non-Hindus, it is frightening to the careers of non-Hindu community leaders. The laity – unless well-integrated into mainstream life – is susceptible to rioting by the roll-call or clarion call of Abrahamic clergy for Jihad. In fact, non-Hindus would just not want to clash with such mobilized Hindus anymore.


    While what happens when a society takes up weapons is difficult to fully predict, if Hindus take up arm training again with sufficient cultural speed- breakers, it will be unlike gun-toting Americans; pan-Indian society will adjust quickly when speed-breakers of Ahimsa balance armed local resilience put into self-defence mode: there will be fewer goons and local level curbing of small crimes will happen in a decentralised way, as the righteous respond. Hindus must have weapons but with full permissions from the State machinery. (The blog writer cannot support violence and crime by Hindu-born criminals who also have access to weapons)

    A culture where Hindu youth enter the armed forces should set in, whereby there would be more civic sense and patriotism, with a sense of discipline and national pride. Savarkar had asked for the militarisation of Hindus, a solution to the vulnerability of the Hindu nation. The Hindu ‘race’ which could have stopped the partition of their country by merely standing up to Jinnah’s challenge of Direct Action, will then not be a laggard anymore.

    There are benefits when it comes to strength and weapon training. Hindus would stop losing their fairer sex to the lure of Love Jihad, India would have a better image internationally, there would be fewer conversions away from Hindus and – this projection of logic can be extended – there could be Shudhdi Samaarambhas, (“gharwapasis” – a constitutional right in India that even Hindus are eligible for enjoying), etc.

      Mass movements of Hindus for reclaiming what was lost and which should come back to Hindus again, do get Hindu society united and galvanised.

    After the Ayodhya Ram Mandir Movement, Cattle Protection-ism or GoSuraksha-Waad is the second galvanizer of Hindus, which should be discussed and respected but not allowed to misappropriated by miscreants.

    GauKaarya can unite Hindus and frighten separatists

    But a cow that seems like someone needing protection herself can paradoxically be a rallying point for Hindus, especially when threatened with Islamic rioting. Hindus are always moved by their own cultural symbols.

    The remarkable point about GoKaarya is that it can bring Hindus together with a singularity of purpose for its absolutely fundamental intent: stopping cow slaughter especially when brazen provocation by Muslims and Communists causes large-scale slaughter; the later aspect, of protecting cattle, is taking up the program of cow conservation, and even this can have political consequences that can only help Hindus and India if done correctly. While GoSamvardhan is the creative and later aspect of GoKaarya, Go Suraksha is the crucial proactive component; while a lot of GoSuraksha is related to judicial work, ‘Spot GoSuraksha’ when a truck carrying either live and distressed cattle for slaughter or beef itself (after slaughter has happened), is all about protection and when police don’t show teeth, volunteer protection requires weapons.

     “GoSuraksha-Waad is a collective reuptake of an ancient social Hindu norm of protecting cattle (GoSuraksha) from slaughter (by mostly Muslims in the medieval period) for not just social but also political purposes – and it begins from stopping trafficking or catching of beef in transit by Hindu public involvement by not depending on the administration that never upheld the directive principles of the Constitution about legally stopping cattle slaughter.

    In a later blog we shall discuss GoSuraksha-Waad Versus what the Secularist MainStream Media calls Cow vigilantism. Meanwhile, Hindus have to learn to deal with Islam without losing balance.

























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